e-learning Suite is a highly robust, scalable, secure yet cost-effective e-learning solution. It is fully conformant with leading international standards like SCORM 1.2, and QTI, thus giving you the flexibility of choosing content from any of the vendors. Moreover it is built on flexible architecture and hence can be easily customized.

Early e-learning systems, based on Computer-Based Learning/Training often attempted to replicate autocratic teaching styles whereby the role of the e-learning system was assumed to be for transferring knowledge, as opposed to systems developed later based on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), which encouraged the shared development of knowledge.

e-learning is defined as instruction delivered on a computer via internet or CD-ROM (Clark & Mayer, 2007). It can be self paced or instructor led and includes media in the form of text, streaming video & audio and builds user knowledge to improve organizational functioning. E learning commonly refers to training delivered electronically in an organizational setting while Online Learning is used to differentiate courses delivered via the internet in educational settings.

Benefits of e-learning Provide 24X7 flexi-time training to your users, who may be geographically dispersed

Enables you to put in place consistent learning standards

Have the LMS prescribe individualized trainings for your users based on their needs and get the most out of your investment

Simplify administration and monitoring of training program

Provide immediate access to new employees for training and have "zero lag time"

Integration with other enterprise applications ensures there is no redundancy of data

Measure the effectiveness of training initiatives and align it to organizational goals

No training-related travel means employees have more "productive time" on their hands

Ability to limit and control access to the courses ensures that security is never compromised

Conformance to leading e-learning standards, such as SCORM and QTI allows you to plug content from any third-party vendor

The Online Academic System will be a single gateway to tools and knowledge services for the broad learning and teaching community of KSOU. The system would initiate and provide an anytime anywhere learning platform to its students, faculty, prospects and management. In addition, the system also aims to manage the online application process through a user-friendly interface.d

The system aims to: Provide online platform for knowledge exchange and enhancementsd

Anytime, anywhere accessibility of learning materiald

Enhance normal interactions through announcements, email and SMS messagesd

Provide online real-time application of classroomsd

Manage and create resource repositoryd

Conduct online tests and assign e-certificatesd

Track and record students performanced

Key Components of the Our Academic System The Online Academic System will have following sections: Online Learning Management Systemd

Online Content Authoringd

Virtual Classroomd

e-Commerce & Registration Moduled

Data Center & Hostingd

User Helpdeskd

Knowledge Processing Unitd

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