Utilities Capabilities

Our Utility practice is aligned within Hewwit's Commercial Services line of business including over 150 professionals in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia who provide system integration services and solutions supporting the utilities segments. Consolidation, deregulation, convergence, environmental legislation, new technology, and the functional unbundling of the integrated utility have had a profound impact on the industry. To keep up with these market dynamics, utilities must improve cost efficiencies while creating revenue opportunities.

Hewwit's Utilities Industry Team serves shareholder owned electric and gas utilities

Serves Inventor Owned Utilities (IOUs)

Has enduring relationships with world-class utility clients

Has a dedicated team of over 150 professionals with utility operations and utility experience with industry specific applications and regulations.

Has enduring relationships with world-class utility clients

Currently serve multiple investor-owned utilities.

Customer Care and Billing Services

We provide an enterprise view of sales, marketing and customer service relationships helping enable the integration and co-ordination for every organizational aspect which impact customer satisfaction

Independent point of view: Allows us to provide an unbiased and comprehensive analysis of technology enablers

Industry Trends

Energy retailers are still struggling to find the correct retail energy business model

Managing the transformation to competition has proven to be challenging for incumbent utilities

Customers are expecting a higher level of service without paying higher rates

Deregulation wave is slowing around the country

More consideration has been given to outsourcing, though few utilities still outsource customer care functions significantly

Technology vendors are finally starting to offer solutions that address the current business requirements


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategies – Develop strategies to maximize every customer interaction, and subsequent implementation support

Customer Interaction Center Improvements – Implement changes to both process and technology that result in more effective and efficient customer interaction centers

CIS Replacement – Implement support for organizations in replacing aging CIS systems, using an approach which helps mitigate risk to the organization

Billing System Assessment and Improvements – Assess the capabilities of various billing systems. Develop and implement utility billing systems as required, including the integration of bill presentment and payment using Internet-based technologies

Retail / Deregulation Strategies – Assist organizations as they transform from a premise-based organization to a new retail organization which is a multi-product services provider focused on the consumer

Work and Asset Management Qualified Professionals with:

In-depth Utility Experience in Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Work Management Experience in both capital projects and maintenanc

e Implementation Experience covering a range of both Enterprise Asset Management Systems and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Diagnostic Experience in both systems and processes to help separate the problems from the symptoms and implement the appropriate corrective actions

Retail / Deregulation Strategies - Assist organizations as they transform from a premise-based organization to a new retail organization which is a multi-product services provider focused on the consumer

Industry Trends

Implementing processes and systems with an eye towards easier standardization/assimilation of the next acquisition.

Distributed Generation will provide new challenges to the generation maintenance environment

Maintaining standard processes and systems following initial implementation to ensure opportunities for continuous improvement

Maintenance management does not always optimize asset performance vs. costs

Services Data Analysis & KPIs – Assessment of data and reports used to monitor maintenance KPIs to validate the KPIs are providing meaningful and actionable feedback

Maintenance Diagnostic – A fast-track assessment of the end-to-end maintenance process, identifying savings opportunities

Capital Projects Diagnostic – A fast-track assessment of the end-to-end capital projects process, identifying savings opportunities

Inventory Optimization Compatible Unit Assessment – A fast-track assessment of the actual usage of Compatible Units in capital projects, identifying savings opportunities

Work Management System Implementation

System Selection – Provide an objective analysis of appropriate CMMS/EAM systems based on a utility’s specific business needs including upgrades, new systems and standardization following an acquisition

System Implementation Business Case – Develop Business Case to justify the implementation or upgrade of systems based on quantifiable and measurable costs and benefits

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